The velocity of business innovation
should not be slowed by the speed
at which enterprise technology
can change.

Technology was slow to respond

We understand firsthand the complexity of integrating systems to support new business models and opportunities. As executives at a global outsourcing company, our efforts to help clients implement new processes was hindered by complex, custom integrations of legacy systems and inconsistent access to data. It was difficult, slow, and expensive.


We set out to change this.

We flipped the application building paradigm – from being process-centric to data-centric.  A data-centric approach allowed us to create no-code applications that can handle complex backend processes. Businesses are no longer constrained by predefined processes in the application, as the no-code approach adapts to new processes based on data inputs. Mezocliq’s applications can quickly adapt to any data source and any process, without coding and in minutes!

The rigidity of technology to implement innovation is no longer a constraint.

Our leadership team includes cutting edge technologists and business experts. We’ve created a culture where individuals are encouraged to ask why and challenge the status quo.

We see ourselves as an extension to our customers’ business. We don’t just set out to deliver solutions, we help our customers meet their business goals.



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