Frequently Asked Questions

Mezocliq is a no-code data-first platform for application development that supports rapid development, customization, and updating of enterprise applications. Mezocliq’s platform gathers together data from multiple sources into a secure, centralized data hub, allowing even the most complex application workflows to be built and deployed quickly.

The Mezocliq platform can produce any application. However, unlike other no-code solutions Mezocliq configurations can be used to produce complex data models and workflows.  For example, applications that need to aggregate and validate data distributed across multiple sources, or applications that need to manage a process workflow across multiple back-end applications.

The  platform  provides powerful data, process and workflow governance. Mezocliq handles the complexity of ingesting, cleansing and managing data from multiple sources, and supports application workflows with multiple conditionalities for handling that data. Our enterprise-scale data hub provides a common data model for creating applications that handle both simple upfront processes or more complex back-end workflows.  Our process engine and components handle common workflows found in most enterprise applications.

At the core of the Mezocliq platform is a proprietary  data model, based on years of research, that provides a high degree of consistency across all applications built on the Mezocliq platform. Coupled with the data model is a flexible set of business rules that cover a wide range of workflows, both generic and industry-specific, involving data, documents, messages, entities, and roles. Entire applications can be developed or modified by configuring parameters rather than writing code.

Typical no-code platforms are well-suited to handle simple data requests and workflows. Applications that manage customer service requests or route job applications are well suited for no-code development tools.

Applications that require more complex rules and data analysis can often exceed the capabilities of no-code tools. For example, a typical asset management application can have many asset classes, each with a unique data structure.  The complexity of even just ingesting this data can overcome the capabilities of most no-code platforms. Mezocliq can handle such complexity.

The Mezocliq Platform supports the creation and enforcement of a comprehensive set of rules and policies for data used by all applications.  A tightly governed core data model enforces a structured taxonomy of variable names to avoid inconsistencies across applications, especially when features are updated or added.

Data validation rules and security parameters ensure record-level data accuracy and reliability over time.  In-memory validations detect missing or invalid fields and enforce workflow-inferred relationships prior to a save.

Mezocliq also provides seamless integration with outside systems and data sources.  External data is converted automatically to the proper internal variable/value pairing, which captures inconsistencies and errors at the point of data ingestion.

Mezocliq is architected to support the big data requirements of AI/ML applications.  All data managed in Mezocliq’s data repository is stored simultaneously across multiple databases with real-time synchronization.  Data queries and analyses are directed automatically to the most ideally suited database.

Mezocliq’s in-memory rule processing ensures accurate and fast results from complex data analysis.  Computations can be completed in real-time, with instant variable availability, or overnight for more complex data operations and analysis

Mezocliq makes use of a hybrid database architecture for optimal performance and scalability.  Analytic data operations are handled via Hadoop and Cassandra is used to maintain a real-time golden copy of all saved data. Hadoop is an optional component. 

By simultaneously combining multiple database systems, Mezocliq is able to support real-time queries and analytics for even the largest data sets.  Both data-intensive dashboard operations and in-memory data validations can be handled without losing performance.

Mezocliq comes with may pre-built connectors that are most commonly used. It has ability to pull data from Microsoft SQL Server, Snowflake, Redshift, Oracle, MySQL or any database that has a JDBC driver. It can also pull data from local file systems, object stores such as AWS S3. 

Mezocliq comes pre-configured industry specific connectors such as Bloomberg, IDC, Reuters, S&P, Moody’s, Factset, and Virtus.  Integrations with major accounting systems, order management systems and employee management systems are also handled out-of-the-box.

For internal systems that require proprietary or custom integrations, Mezocliq comes equipped with a robust mapping tools, API connectivity and ability to handle streaming data.  Connections can be established via FTP, JDBC/ODBC or web services, including protocols for encrypted data.



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