An enterprise-grade platform for adaptive applications

Mezocliq platform is an enterprise-grade platform for developing applications that can be easily and quickly adapted as your business needs change. At the core of the Mezocliq platform is a unique data model, based on years of research, that ensures a high degree of consistency across all applications built on the Mezocliq platform.

Coupled with the data model is a flexible set of business rules that cover a wide range of workflows, both generic and industry-specific, involving data, documents, messages, entities, and roles. A complete enterprise-scale application can be developed or updated by configuring parameters rather than writing code.


Quickly implement new processes in days
or weeks, not months.


Adapt processes to your requirements,
not the other way around.


Deliver the right result,
every time.

Mezocliq is the only platform that addresses complex 'back end' needs

Platform comes with elaborate tooling to handle

  • Complex Data models across different industries or verticals.
  • Setup and runtime handling of hierarchical rules. For example, Federal rules and state overrides.
  • Real-time & scheduled batch computations.
  • Configurable Transaction sequencing, Transaction cancellations or withdrawals. For example, perform deposits and withdrawals for the day before (or after) calculating interest for the day.
  • Vendor data arbitration and building golden source of truth.
  • Ability to write queries, reports & dashboards within the platform.
  • Ability to ingest data from various data sources.

Guided Configuration

Getting your application up and running is as easy as one, two. This is because each step of the configurations process has been charted. The complex data modeling happens automatically in the background by answering few simple questions. All the business analyst needs to bring to the table is an understanding of their discrete workflow.

Once configured, solutions can be previewed in seconds. No compiler errors here, we know exactly what to check to make sure an application works flawlessly.

Pre-built Templates

Out of the box Mezocliq software comes with a rich library of pre-built templates of commonly used business processes. 

One could start with pre-built templates and customize to best suit the needs of your specific application.

Data model is the foundation of business processes. Hence our platform comes with pre-built industry standard data models for most common scenarios. 

Drag and Drop Configuration

Create workflows, screens and forms with a simple click. The solution dashboard keeps track of what is complete and what still needs attention.  

Default screen views and visualization add richness and complexity to your application with minimal effort. 

Manage Complex integrations, Data quality and Data Audit

Manage the way data is passed across modules using a variety of preconfigured connectors. 

Automatically generate a timeline for every datapoint so it is easy to see who changed what and when. 

Relationships make connection between all system data across workflows. View all the relationships for a row and easily navigate the relationship tree.

Front-end experience & visualization

Bring data to life with graphical visualizations available within the platform, or leverage optional connectivity with software such as Power BI.

Platform provides ability to create personas. Each persona can have different landing pages and different kind of visualizations.  What each persona can see and edit can be fully customized. 



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