Our data platform enables more than great analysis. It is a foundation for broad-based application development and process transformation.

We have used our generic data and process model to build configuration tools that can quickly model any process and create new applications in record time.

This configuration toolkit has enabled us to create a unique suite of end-to-end “horizontal” applications for ~100 standard enterprise processes. These range from multi-country Personnel Management to multi-jurisdiction Compliance to multi-currency Accounting.

We are now using the toolkit to create customized “vertical” solutions. Our Asset Management suite is unique in its ability to handle all asset classes and geographies in a single platform. We are configuring a similar solution for Institutional Banking and Life Insurance.

The magic of our generic data model and configuration toolkit shines through when we encounter new specialized processes. From the time we have your specifications, we can deliver applications for testing in less than 90 days.

This is in vivid contrast to traditional application installation or development—where most projects take so long that sponsors move on and organizations lose stamina before new systems see the light of day.

With Mezocliq, innovative process transformation is finally possible. You can finally retire your aging legacy systems with functionally complete applications built on an enterprise-wide data platform.