Technology costs look fine when the business case is put together. Then come the extras, add-ons and invisibles. Runaway costs are a nightmare for the C-Suite. Most projects don’t get off the ground for fear they will spiral out of control.

Of course, your supplier—of hardware, software, network or services—seldom takes the blame. The finger is always pointed at you—the client. It’s your inability to control scope or provide resources or meet time commitments that caused the problem.

At Mezocliq, there is no fine print. No spec documents. No extras. No surprises. Our fees are extremely simple and totally transparent. They do not vary by process or vertical. They are the same for every client. They do not change based on the whims of a savvy negotiator at the end of a quarter.

And the fees we charge are vastly superior to any alternative you will find in the market. For a simple monthly fee, you have access to any module you choose in a shared cloud. And for a similar annual fee, you can access our entire suite in a private cloud. No exclusions. These fees include unlimited professional service and support—for customization, development, migration, hosting, maintenance and assistance. Again, no exclusions.