Surgeons can transplant a heart or even a face, and architects can move buildings across oceans. So why is it one never hears of a successful technology migration?

We think the devil is in the details. Little details matter. They matter a lot. As in any migration, there are many of them in technology. All too often, these are left to a “system integrator”—who makes them up case by case.

At Mezocliq we have spent years studying these details. We have mapped the details in logical sequence and automated their execution—especially in the riskiest phases of data migration.

For starters, our approach is thoroughly modular—we offer you very fine control over the scope and pace of migration. You can migrate just “reference” data. Or migrate selected processes—Employee Recruiting or Derivatives Trading. And you can do these for your entire company or for a single legal entity at a time.

Next, just as a surgeon first creates a “backup” organ, we build a fresh environment into which your data is migrated. This way, your existing systems continue to function as long as you wish. You cut over when you choose—in a week or a year.

Finally, our system performs all validations upfront—it won’t load flawed data. Our validations are all-encompassing—from checking convoluted relationships to cross-referencing across inter-dependent processes. Gaps are flagged clearly—so users can correct issues before they pollute your new body.