Cloud solutions are sprouting everywhere—their ease of installation and maintenance is very compelling. Yet every company we speak to asks two key questions. Are cloud-based systems really safe? And will they exacerbate data fragmentation?

Mezocliq’s cloud solution was designed on a fresh sheet of paper, so we were able to make security an integral part of our design—as opposed to a superimposed afterthought.

For example, we built extensive protections against internal threats and mistakes. In most environments, several people have access to several entryways on each server. With hundreds of servers, this creates thousands of points of vulnerability. By contrast, no one has ongoing access to our infrastructure—they get it when necessary, and then only temporarily.

Our cloud environment has regulatory intelligence, so you meet all compliance requirements. Data is automatically directed to the geographic location in which it can be stored. Confidential data is double encrypted. We monitor changes in regulations and update our rules regularly, so you can rest easy you are following the law.

As for data governance, our disciplined framework cleanses data on its way in, and keeps it that way. But we can go one step further. The proliferation of hardware over the last two decades has compounded—even caused—data fragmentation. If used intelligently, the cloud provides an opportunity to arrest this phenomenon.

For clients interested in leveraging this capability, we offer the option of a private cloud—dedicated specifically to your data. This private cloud can be installed in our data centers or yours. This gives you the ability to get your arms securely and firmly around all your enterprise data. You can have the control and security you would have had in the mainframe era.