Every organization struggles to centralize its technology. Each business unit, country and function wants its own applications for its specialized processes. They generally prevail.

What follows is an explosion of systems, each with distinct—and often incompatible—data models. But over time these systems have to communicate with each other.

So starts a proliferation of data hubs and warehouses, along with armies of consultants. But all the glue and effort fails to put the enterprise back together again.

In contrast, Mezocliq offers an end-to-end data solution that permanently unifies all your data in a single repository. No exceptions.

How can we succeed, when so many others have tried? We didn’t approach this as a purely technical problem—we saw it as a problem in business semantics and linguistics.

We studied dozens of industries, hundreds of processes and millions of variables. From these we abstracted a generic data model that can handle all enterprise data and processes.

We paid special attention to data governance. We wrote applications for onboarding data. We automated procedures for maintaining data integrity permanently—in the face of a continuously changing application landscape.

And we leveraged newer non-relational database technology, which scales better than relational databases when handling the load and complexity of modern data.

Our data solution facilitates rapid-fire analytics. Queries are done at search-engine speed, and datasets for complex analytics are assembled in minutes. Our centralized data environment provides data access in any form you choose—files, APIs or streaming. And, we added a friendly extraction tool for non-technical uses, so data is finally available to everyone, not just a select few.

When it comes to data management in a big-data world, we know of no parallel to our IP.